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IFGL Pensions moving into new Liverpool city centre office

IFGL Pensions will move into a new home in Liverpool city centre this weekend.

16 Feb 2024

Morag Edmison is IFGL Pensions’ new Head of Business Development

IFGL Pensions has appointed Morag Edmison to the position of Head of Business Development.

31 Jan 2024

IFGL to acquire wealth book of business from IOMA

International Financial Group Limited (IFGL) has announced it has entered into an agreement with Isle of Man Assurance Limited (IOMA) to transfer IOMA’s wealth book of business to IFGL. The transfer is subject to regulatory approval.

11 Jan 2024

The UK State Penson - What's it worth?

We hear a lot about the State Pension not being enough to live off in retirement, but do any of us understand how much the State Pension is actually worth?

15 Dec 2023

Changes to our product terms for existing IFGL SIPP, Insight SIPP and Acorn Lite scheme members

We have made a series of changes to the terms and conditions for existing IFGL SIPP, Insight SIPP and Acorn Lite scheme members.

27 Nov 2023

The serious ill health payment option – a useful tool in a time of need

Most people know that the current normal minimum pension age is 55 and taking your pension benefits before this time will normally create quite severe tax charges.

24 Nov 2023

Life-time allowance changes and the PCLS stealth tax

The announcement in this year’s budget that the lifetime allowance was being removed and with it the hefty charge on large pension funds, was largely cheered by industry. However, hidden beneath the headline announcement was in effect another stealth tax.

09 Oct 2023

Are you turning 55 in the next six months?

The normal minimum retirement age is 55 and is, for most people, the first opportunity to access their pension savings. Talk to your adviser and explore the options your SIPP can offer.

14 Sep 2023

IFGL Pensions product changes introduced

IFGL Pensions has introduced some important changes to its product range following a comprehensive review as part of the new Consumer Duty regulations from the FCA that came into force in July this year.

01 Sep 2023

Increase in the normal minimum pension age to 57

We discuss the increase in the normal minimum pension age (NMPA) from 55 to 57 in April 2028. It may seem a little while off but, for advisers, it is important to think carefully about the impact of this change.

18 Jul 2023

Consolidating your Pension Savings

It’s important to track down any lost pension pots you might have – after all, it’s your money, and without a clear view of all your pension savings its difficult to establish whether you’re on track to meet your retirement goals.

19 May 2023

New Consumer Duty

New Consumer Duty regulations are being introduced in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with the aim of providing a higher standard of customer care and protection.

16 May 2023

IFGL Pensions’ new Chairman

Philip Salter is the new Chairman of IFGL Pensions, the company’s owner International Financial Group Limited (IFGL) has announced.

09 May 2023

SPS becomes IFGL Pensions

Sovereign Pension Services (SPS) has rebranded to IFGL Pensions, the company’s new owner International Financial Group Limited (IFGL) has announced.

02 May 2023

Rachel Meadows takes up MD role at SPS

Rachel Meadows has taken up the role of Managing Director at the IFGL-owned Sovereign Pension Services (SPS).

19 Apr 2023

IFGL completes deal to buy Sovereign Pension Services

IFGL has completed the deal to buy Sovereign Pension Services (UK) Limited (SPS) from the Sovereign Group.

01 Mar 2023

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