Resolute SIPP

The Resolute SIPP is specifically available for UK and non-UK resident individuals who are transferring out of the Hartley SIPP pension arrangement. A SIPP is a pension savings vehicle for those who feel comfortable being able to make decisions on where the funds are invested. The Resolute SIPP is not open to new customers who have not been prior members of Hartley SIPPs.

The Resolute SIPP provides an extensive array of investment opportunities via platforms, managed portfolio services or Discretionary Fund Managers. It does not permit new investment in non-standard investments, which are generally higher-risk, speculative and illiquid in nature.

Who's it for?

  • Designed for UK and international retail clients, as well as expatriate former UK residents who are now non-UK taxpayers
  • For clients with at least £25k to transfer from Hartley Pensions, and who may also wish to consolidate existing pensions held elsewhere
  • Designed for clients who are working with a financial adviser
  • Provides access to a wide range of investment options which are classed as ‘standard assets’ under the FCA standard asset definition

Available downloads

Key features

This document explains who the SIPP is for and the key features of Resolute SIPP.


Fee Schedule

A full breakdown of our fee structure.


Investment guidelines

This guide will explain what a member can invest in.


Terms & Conditions

All the Terms and Conditions of the Resolute SIPP explained.


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